New superstars at La Brasserie Holsteins and upcoming sale!

At La Brasserie Holsteins in France are new superstars born from the hottest cow families of the Holstein scene. One of these heifers is Budjon LB Sublime, she is a Delta-Lambda daughter straight out of the phenomenal Blondin Goldwyn Subliminale EX-97-USA. She was Star of the Breed 2021, Senior & Grand Champion Midwest National Spring Holstein Show 2021 and more! Another great new heifer at La Brasserie Holstein is Idee LB Lyana, she is sired by Windbrook and full sister to the Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair 2019 and H.M. Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair 2017: Idee Windbrook Lynzi EX-95-CAN 4E! Or Duckett LB Frosty, she is a King Doc daughter from Duckett-Harvue Finesse EX-94-USA 2E (s. Atwood) and great granddaughter to the 2x Supreme Champion World Dairy Expo: Harvue Roy Frosty EX-97-USA! Close family member to Duckett LB Frosty is the Res. Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2023: Oakfield Solomn Footloose EX-97-USA!

Mark your calendars!! Many great heifers are selling this year at the La Brasserie Holstein - Online Sale! The sale will be held from June the 6th till June the 7th! Many great heifers from the best cow families in the world are selling, like: Subliminal EX-97-USA, Blexy EX-97-USA, Frosty EX-97-USA, Seisme EX-97-USA, O’kalibra EX-97-CH, Alicia EX-97-USA, Apple-96-USA, Elaya EX-96-FR, Chief Adeen EX-94- USA and Barbie EX-92-USA


Duckett LB Frosty (PEDIGREE)
King Doc x Duckett-Harvue Finesse EX-94-USA 2E (s. Atwood) x Harvue Dundee Frosty EX-91-USA (s. Dundee) x Harvue Roy Frosty EX-97-USA 3E GMD

Idee LB Lyana (PEDIGREE)
Windbrook x Idee Goldwyn Lucia EX-92-CAN 5yr. (s. Goldwyn) x Idee Louis Luise EX-94-CAN 2E (s. Louie)

Budjon LB Sublime (PEDIGREE)
Delta-Lambda x Blondin Goldwyn Subliminal EX-97-USA (s. Goldwyn) x Blondin R Marker Sublime EX-93-CAN 16* 

Blexys LB Brandy (PEDIGREE)
Delta-Lambda x Blexys Doorman Brandy VG-87-CAN 3yr. (s. Doorman) x Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn EX-97-USA

Mox Lambda Elenore (PEDIGREE)
Delta-Lambda x Wilt Eniza EX-90-DE (s. Kenosha) x Wilt Elaya EX-96-FR (s. Fitz) 

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La Brasserie Holstein
La Douettée
Bréal-sous-Montfort, France

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